4 Inbound Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy Clinics

Marketing your physical therapy clinic takes some effort, but there are some approaches you can use to make the job much easier. Take inbound marketing, to name one example. Inbound marketing works by creating useful content tailored to your prospects, addressing problems they actually have and creating a favourable impression as soon as they visit your site. Some of the tools you can use for inbound marketing include blogs, social media campaigns, and short videos. Try out these basic inbound marketing ideas to give yourself a head start updating your physiotherapy business plan moving forward. 

  1. Create short videos

    Create videos to get your audience hookedBlog posts aren’t the only kind of content you can create. Short physiotherapy videos are another way to show your expertise and offer your audience useful guides. Videos are a dynamic medium that lets you share helpful tips in a more hands-on manner. You can also use videos to show your clients a more human side of your clinic. Create video tours to show your viewers around the clinic, or make video introductions of all your staff to make a favourable impression with potential patients. Visual content makes an impact on viewers, so take advantage of it to get direct more qualified traffic toward your site.
  2. Start a blog

    Blogging is one of the simplest and most convenient ways of improving your online marketing. Think of it as another way of providing your clients additional services beyond what you offer at your clinic. Quality content is a great way to reach new prospects. For example, creating posts with tips on how physical therapy can prevent injuries is a great way to give your readers some useful tips they can use in addition to coming to you for therapy.

    Content is also a golden opportunity to improve your backlinking. Having related websites link back to yours is a great way to build trust with search engines and improve search rankings moving forward.
  3. Keep up with social mediaUse your social media to stay connected with your patients

    Social networks are another invaluable tool for physical therapists looking to market their services. Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to spread the word about your clinic and attract more patients. Post before and after pictures of your patients on Instagram to give your practice more exposure, to name one example. Facebook is another useful platform that allows you to engage directly with your client base. Take advantage of Facebook and use it to stay in touch with your patients and keep them informed of any goings-on at your clinic. Share any new services and procedures you’re adding to your repertoire on Facebook so your social circle can find out about them early and spread the word if they know anyone else who might benefit from what you have to offer.

  4. Update your local SEO strategies

    Local SEO is a major element of most businesses’ online marketing, including physical therapy clinics. Most clients come from your local area, so optimizing your site for local keywords is a great way to attract more prospects nearby.

    Google is also becoming more focused on local SEO, which gives you more opportunities for your online marketing. Create a Google My Business page and claim the listing. Your GMB page makes it much easier for clients to locate your business whenever they need physical therapy. The page also contains useful information like your contact details and operating hours so prospects know when you’re available.


There are always plenty of options available when it comes to improving your online marketing. Keep these ideas in mind to start enhancing your physical therapy marketing, but keep your eyes open for other things you can do to give your clinic a boost moving forward.