It’s a challenging time for everyone. We’re caught in the middle of a health crisis that has shaken all aspects of our lives. The pandemic is particularly tough for businesses and marketers.

This situation will have a profound impact on our economies for months and even years into the future. This is why it’s critical for physiotherapy practices to create a solid marketing plan to keep their businesses going and continue serving the public amid the pandemic.

Here are essential marketing tips so you can adjust to the new normal and keep a steady flow of revenue.

1. Get Insight From Your Data

Your analytics and online data hold precious information that can inform your business decisions. Sit down and evaluate your data. Find out what services are gaining demand and adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Google Analytics provides you an in-depth analysis of your website’s traffic, keyword performance, and landing page traction. You can also turn to Google Trends to get an idea of what your target clients are searching for at the moment. 

Using real time data, you would know which direction to take and how to position your products and services to your customers.

2. Take Advantage of Video Conferencing.

Guide to Online Physiotherapy Marketing in the Time of Covid-19

Online video has given service-based businesses the opportunity to serve their clients from the comforts of their home. Physiotherapists can leverage video chat to hold online therapy sessions and consultations to their clients wherever they may be located. 

This is a great way for them to sustain their progress in their therapies without breaching social distancing protocols.

3. Explore PPC Ads.

Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads both on Facebook and Google is an effective approach to pulling in new customers and sales, especially now that people are spending more time on social media and search engines. Ads create opportunities for you to reach prospective customers and bring your services closer to them.

Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads are among the top digital marketing platforms where businesses can get more site traffic and leads. These platforms also allow you to target your customers according to their age, gender, profession, interests, and even their search behaviour.

4. Leverage Your Email List.

Guide to Online Physiotherapy Marketing in the Time of Covid-19

If paid advertising is out of your budget, revisit your existing leads or customers. Develop an email campaign to reconnect with those users. 

Here are ways you can use your email list:

      • Sift through it to find valuable customers. Give them a special offer to let them know you’re thinking of them.
    • Re-engage those leads that haven’t used your services yet and offer them special deals for your services.

It doesn’t cost much to run an email campaign. It’s one of the best digital marketing channels you can use that allows you to reignite or maintain engagement with your customers and leads.

5. Establish a Database.

Build a database or email list for future use. You can reach out to potential customers by advertising through low CPC. 

Capture their contact details by offering free quotes or giving them lead magnets like cheat sheets or e-books. Remember to craft your ad message based on the current situation and provide the services they might need during this time.

To avoid overspending, make sure to use your ad budget wisely. Control your audience, search terms, placements, and bidding.

When you need a digital marketing specialist who can help you strategize, contact Physio Marketing. Our team of digital marketers, social media marketers, SEO specialists, and content writers are dedicated to helping physiotherapy practices in Toronto scale their businesses even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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