Physical therapy clinics are among those that are affected by the pandemic. Like any other business, getting new clients is one of the biggest challenges physiotherapists face at this point.

To sustain operations while helping people who are in need of therapy, it’s important for physiotherapy practices to develop a new strategy that rolls with the current developments related to the crisis.

So far, what steps have you come up with to build connections with potential patients? How are you letting them know that your doors are still open to accommodate them?

We’ve outlined some tips to help physiotherapy clinics continue to build their client list at the onslaught of coronavirus pandemic:

Be Active on Social Media

Almost half of the global population is on social media. While all of them are holed up in their homes, they now have more time to linger on the platform.

This is the ideal time to capture people’s attention. Publish useful content, connect with locals in your area, and build a positive brand image. What’s more, share relevant information about your clinic’s activities amid the pandemic.

Not all social media networks are alike. Every group of users that frequently use each platform has unique ways of interaction. Whatever platform you decide to use, aim to regularly post content to be increasingly visible.

Publish Blog Articles

How Physiotherapy Businesses Can Get Leads This Pandemic

Blogs are the perfect avenue of physiotherapists to educate clients, share useful information, and build their credibility. This remains true during this pandemic.

Many people are experiencing a certain pain condition for the first time and they take to the internet to deepen their understanding of their symptoms. They will take lengths to dig around for answers. Afterwards, they’ll look around for healthcare providers that can give them the treatment they need.

Publishing blog articles is your chance to get a slice of traffic. The more often you post content, the more you signal search engines that you are an authority in your industry. When you’ve established your credibility, you’re likely to get ranked higher on the search engine results pages.

Conduct Webinars

Hosting webinars is one of the best ways to attract fresh leads, maintaining a connection with existing clients, and improving your SEO.

You can hold webinars for your audience to discuss how to build a home workout routine while on quarantine, ways to prevent injury, and other helpful information within your realm of expertise.

There are plenty of platforms that you can explore to record and premiere webinars, but the most common one is through Zoom and Facebook LIVE. Make sure to allocate time and a channel to receive and answer questions from your viewers.

After finishing the webinar, share it on social media, website, or send an email message to your clients so they are kept in the loop.

Consider Paid Advertising

How Physiotherapy Businesses Can Get Leads This Pandemic

There’s always a way to bring your treatment services to new markets that haven’t heard of your clinic yet. Social media and search engine marketing provide flexible ways to do just that, including paid media.

For example, you can set up paid advertisements on Facebook to target a very specific type of audience. The key is to create a message that’s specifically tailored to them. You can also choose how and when to show your ad.

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