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Like every other business, your physiotherapy practice needs patients. Since there isn’t a definitive end to the global pandemic just yet, it can be challenging to get new ones. Another obstacle for you to give thought to is the considerable amount of competition that might also be in search of new clientele.

For your business to continue thriving, you have to think practically and creatively. Here is how you can get more patients into your physiotherapy practice:

  • Increase Your Online Visibility

The Physio Marketing

Having a website for your practice will help increase your online visibility

The first step is to increase your online visibility, and that is by having a website for your practice. Since not everyone might be familiar with your business, having one can help you promote it. Also, your target audience may still have doubts about whether your practice is the right place for them, even if they’ve already heard of it.

With your website, you can dispel their second thoughts by providing relevant information right on the page. Give your business a higher chance to be found by doing the following:

Increasing your rank in Google – The more creative you can get with the content you share, the more chances of your target clients to stick around. You can do this with blogs and write about interesting and important subjects they may not find anywhere else.

Have a Google My Business account – People can use search engines to look for just about anything, which also includes local physiotherapy practices. Make sure you have a Google My Business account so that they can find your business in local searches and maps.

    • Earn Their Trust

      The Physio Marketing

      Earn their trust with online reviews

      To successfully gain more customers means to build their trust. The Internet may be full of helpful information and reliable services, but it’s also notorious for hosting websites that offer things that are too good to be true. With people becoming more skeptical about what they see online, saying that you provide the best physical therapy services in your area may not be enough.

      Gain their trust by doing the following:

      Post customer reviews online – About 72% of clients play cautious and won’t do anything before reading other people’s reviews. Reading these can reassure them that your website and the services you provide are trustworthy.

      Update your website – How long does it take for your website to load? If it takes more than five seconds, chances are, they’re going to look for another page instead. A visually appealing and easy to navigate page also helps to keep them interested.

      Be consistent with your brand – Potential customers would try to look for more information about your practice. If it’s difficult for them to do so, they may no longer pursue.

  • Convert the Curious into Customers

    Once you’ve built their trust, they might want to talk to you regarding some inquiries they may have. It’s crucial for you to address these promptly, as this can improve their impression of your practice. Also, make sure that they can schedule an appointment online with your website.

    Convert the curious into your new customers by doing the following:

Chatbot – If a potential customer has a question, they’ll usually work with companies that answer them. Day or night, a chatbot on your website can help address a potential client’s queries instantly.

Primary button – Make it easier for potential clients to schedule an appointment by including a primary button. Ensure that this feature appears 3-4 times on your website so they can’t miss it.

Keep it classic – Some people still prefer to communicate their physical therapy concerns over the phone. Double-check your listed contacts on your website.

  • Keep in Touch

Just because they have set and confirmed their appointments doesn’t mean you’ve finished your job. Apart from the high-quality services, keep in touch with your clients through word-of-mouth. Doing so allows you to spread the word about your practice and grow your customer base even further.

You can do this by sending a monthly online newsletter, which contains clinic updates, as well as educational articles, which can help spark your clients’ interest back to life. You can also inform them of special discounts or programs.

Don’t let the pandemic take control of your business. Although it may seem impossible during these times, you can still get new customers. Following these tips can help you gain more clients for your physiotherapy practice.

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