As time goes on, it’s normal for some of the latest SEO trends to change, necessitating some alterations to your marketing strategy to compensate. Earlier this month, Google rolled out a new core algorithm revamp, the Medic Update, and it may already have affected your clinic. Some of the professionals affected by the update include:

  • General practitioners
  • Dental clinics
  • Physiotherapy clinics
  • Complementary/alternative medicine practitioners

What the Latest Google Core Update Means for Your Physiotherapy SEO

The main problem point for many clinics is that Google has shifted its focus to reward high-quality content that adheres to Expertise, Authoritative, and Trust (EAT) guidelines. In short, Google favours content created by experts in the field to make it easier for users to trust what they read. More informative articles filled with helpful advice and attributed to experts are a good way to shift your approach to achieve better results moving forward.

As of the update, some of the moves Google is likely to favour include:

  • Having articles that identify accredited authors (e.g. doctors or recognized professionals within the medical profession) who possess author pages to detail the writer’s background and credentials. Take note to include backlinks to trusted sources to enhance your website’s credibility.
  • Including specific dates on time-sensitive or topical articles.
  • Offering useful content potential patients need or want (e.g. “Why Massage Therapy Is Great for Your Mental Health”).
  • Creating an “About Us” page to spell out your clinic’s organization, credentials, or policies concerning advertising within the site’s content.
  • Listing the awards, honours, and industry recognition either the organization or authors have received.

What Else Can You Do?

In the aftermath of the updates, it’s vital you take steps as early as now to rebuild your SEO. Early action can be key to regaining any lost traffic and helping your clinic recover from the update’s effects much faster. Try these actions to regain some momentum ahead of the competition.

What the Latest Google Core Update Means for Your Physiotherapy SEO

  • Creating quality content regularly has always been crucial to maximizing traffic on websites. High-quality content provides an in-depth look at issues facing your patients and offers solutions that can make their lives much easier. One thing to keep in mind is long-form content (usually 1000 to 2000 words long). This type of content has more space to provide information and solutions in greater detail, providing readers with more utility with each article.

What the Latest Google Core Update Means for Your Physiotherapy SEO

  • The search for more creative content can also provide an opportunity to branch out into other fields (e.g. video). Videos provide an interesting, dynamic medium that can improve your engagement with viewers, significantly increasing on-page time. One area where videos shine is in “how-to” guides where you can provide patients with a hands-on explanation for performing basic tasks at home. Video also offers a chance for certified medical personnel to contribute to your content, adding some more authority to your website.
  • The update has also created an opportunity to look at your past content and give them a much-needed overhaul. Updating your old content allows you to make sure old releases are kept up-to-date regarding content and SEO for maximum effectiveness. Optimizing your content like this also helps maintain traffic to new content, allowing you to direct viewers through your site more effectively. Updating can be as editing older paragraphs to accommodate new information or revising statistics to reflect current data.

The latest update has shaken things up for many clinics and practices, but it’s also created some opportunities you can use to your advantage moving forward. Adjust your SEO as early as now to adapt to the changes and start regaining your spot on the rankings.

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